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Sustainability Statement


We are proud to present our fourth standalone sustainability report to reflect our sustainability process across the Group in 2019. Building on a strong foundation of corporate governance, our goal setting, actions and decisions are built upon the sustainability principles of Economic, Environmental, and Social. We ensure responsible and ethical business practices are implemented across the Group’s operations, manage the environmental impact of our operational activities, provide a safe and inclusive workplace for our employees, and meet the needs of society as a whole.

Our Sustainability Report has been prepared in reference with GRI Standards to meet Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.



The Board Sustainability Committee ("BSC"), comprising the Executive Directors oversees the seven segments, holds the responsibility of providing oversight and guidance in the formulation and direction of our corporate strategies and policies. The BSC is regularly updated on sustainability issues by our Sustainability Working Committee, consisting of Senior Management, who are responsible in setting goals and targets for identified key sustainability matters and overseeing the progress of our sustainability efforts. As an overall platform, our quarterly Executive Committee meeting is an avenue for the BSC to highlight and deliberate any matters relating to our sustainability approach and reporting.

                                                                              OHB Group Governance Structure


Our Sustainability Report covers the sustainability performance and progress from all segments for the financial year ended December 2019, unless otherwise stated. The baseline year of the Sustainability Reporting has been changed from 2018 to 2019 as the materiality matrix was refreshed in 2019 and will be relied upon for the year 2019, 2020 and 2021 as a way to increase the impact of our sustainability goals and initiatives.



The three sustainability matters are as follows:-

1.     Economic

We constantly review our business practices and focus on creating long-term sustainable economic growth for our stakeholders. We deliver economic performance that is underpinned by good corporate governance and high ethical standards. We ensure compliance with various national laws in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and other overseas markets where we have operations and business activities.

2.     Environment

We strive to adopt best practices in our daily operations through implemention of effective sustainable initiatives and continuous monitoring to reduce and mitigate our environmental footprint. We work with our stakeholders to enhance awareness, promote environmental practices and focus on operational processes that do not adversely affect the environment where we operate.

3.     Social

We consider our people to be our most valued resource and we take great care in managing and developing talent to ensure our people are supported and protected at the workplace. We also strongly believe that our growth should have parallel benefits to the local communities where we conduct our businesses. We work to give back to our local communities in ways that are meaningful as well as impactful.

For more detailed disclosures on our sustainability efforts, please refer to our Sustainability Report 2019, available at our corporate website at



Aligned with our Economic, Environment and Social pillars of sustainability, we are constantly embedding and reinforcing sustainable measures within our operational footprints. This is in line with our mission to be a highly competitive organisation through innovation and progressive developments while maintaining constructive efforts in expanding our sustainability outreach. We will continue to provide viable disclosure and reporting on our approach, performance and progress within these pillars of sustainability.