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Director Remuneration Policy

The Remuneration Policy (“the Policy”) sets out to provide remuneration principles and guidelines for the Non-Executive Directors (“NEDs”), Executive Directors (“EDs”)/ Key Senior Management of Oriental Holdings Berhad (the “Company” or “OHB”).

Remuneration of EDs/ Key Senior Management is made up of basic salaries, monetary incentives, and fringe benefits and is linked to the achievement of corporate performance targets.

Remuneration of NEDs is made up of Directors’ fees, other fees, and meeting attendance fees. The level of remuneration for the NEDs must reflect the experience and level of responsibilities undertaken by the NED concerned.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee determines remuneration practices with the aim of attracting, motivating and retaining high calibre EDs/ Key Senior Management and NEDs to deliver value for shareholders and high levels of customer service, safety and reliability in an efficient and responsible manner. Performance-based remuneration is determined in a manner which promotes sound risk management and does not induce excessive risk-taking.

Policy on Salaries of Executive Directors/ Key Senior Management

Salary for EDs/ Key Senior Management consists of both fixed (i.e. base salary) and variable (performance based incentive) remuneration components. The remuneration of the EDs/ Key Senior Management is to ensure the Company’s continued ability to attract and retain the most qualified Executive Board members.

Policy on Remuneration of Non-Executive Directors

NEDs receive remuneration in the form of Directors’ fees as compensation for their services and other fees for additional responsibilities in the Board and Board Committee.

The fees of the NEDs are reviewed by the Remuneration Committee as and when necessary, taking into account the fees paid to NEDs of comparable companies and capacity to attract and retain highly competent NEDs. NEDs are not entitled to receive performance-based bonuses nor participate in short-term and/ or long-term incentive plans.