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Sustainability Policy


Oriental Holdings Berhad and its subsidiaries (the “OHB Group” or the “Group”) are committed to promoting sustainability. Our Sustainability Policy refers to a ‘Statement of Intent’ for the purpose of communicating to employees, customers, distributors and other stakeholders our commitment to promote good sustainability practices.

At OHB Group, we are committed to continually improving the integration of sustainability into our working environment and business processes. We are committed to accountability and transparency in our sustainability performance. Our Sustainability Policy is based upon the following principles:

  • to observe and comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice;
  • to consider sustainability issues and integrate these considerations into our business decisions;
  • to promote and ensure that all employees are aware of, and are committed to, implementing and measuring sustainability activities as part of the Group’s strategy, taking into consideration environment, social and governance aspects; and
  • to review, report and continuously strive to improve our sustainability performance.

To operate with sustainability, we focus our activities in our key impact areas. We employ both corporate strategy and feedback from internal and external stakeholders to define these areas of focus.


At OHB Group, we are committed to identifying, managing and minimising the environmental impact of our business operations through the following initiatives:

  • ensuring products, packaging and operations are safe for our employees, consumers and the environment whilst contributing towards reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG”);
  • developing innovative and practical solutions to environmental issues with the goal of mitigating or preventing adverse environmental impact to our products, packaging, and processes;
  • disclosing to stakeholders the relevant and appropriate fact-based information about the environmental quality of OHB Group’s products, packaging and operations; and
  • ensuring that environmental quality considerations are incorporated in OHB Group’s daily business activities that are undertaken and accountable by every employee with accountability.

The Group seeks to protect the lives and health of its employees and communities that surround its operations, and to protect its assets, ensure continuity of its business and create public trust. The Group shall incorporate public interest in its business operations by way of the following:

  • encourage and support all employees to actively ensure that the work environment is void of any form of harassment and where every employee is treated fairly and with respect;
  • nurture a work environment that helps build a diverse work force which contributes to the highest potential and commits to a harassment free work environment;
  • believe in creating an inspiring workplace, committing to developing our people and giving them the right skills to help deliver our business strategy;
  • engage with stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, contractors, unions, NGOs and governments, committing to making a positive social and economic impact and understanding and managing any negative impacts of our business operations;
  • seek to make a positive social contribution through the services we provide to our community; and
  • provide ongoing philanthropic support to non-profit organisations through charitable donations and scholarship programs.

The Group believes that good governance is more than just a pursuit towards complying with all the prescripts but that it translates into better business performance and creates a more sustainable value for the Group by way of the following:

  • adhere to the requirements of all laws and regulatory requirements, standards, and better practices to which the Group subscribes and establishes;
  • adopt high ethical values and ensure these practices are upheld across our business through our code of ethics and employee training programmes;
  • establish and nurture open, honest and timely communications, and being responsive to concerns;
  • establish robust policies and procedures to ensure the adequacy and integrity of the Group’s internal control system and management information systems, including systems for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, directives and guidelines;
  • establish a comprehensive enterprise-wide risk management framework, which includes a process to identify, evaluate and manage risks faced by the Group in its pursuit of its business objectives and strategies;
  • establish emergency response plans to ensure official, coordinated and fully-resourced response and control measures can be activated to meet the specific needs of all emergency situations within the site of our operations, communities and transportation routes in the event of emergency; and
  • establish shareholders communication policy which allows the Group to effectively communicate with its shareholders, prospective investors, stakeholders and the general community, including maintaining a dedicated website which facilitates easy access to corporate information, annual reports and Group announcements.