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The Fit and Proper Policy (this “Policy”) sets out the necessary qualities required of directors of Oriental Holdings Berhad (“OHB”) and its subsidiaries (“OHB Group” or “the Group”).


All directors of OHB Group shall fulfil the 6 Criteria stipulated in this Policy.

This Policy shall be applied and considered in decisions or recommendations in relation to the appointment, re-appointment, election, or re-election of incumbent directors and candidates for directorships (hereinafter referred to as the “Person”) in OHB.

Fit and Proper Criteria

Criterion 1: The Person shall not be a person disqualified as a director in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations

Criterion 2 : The Person shall be a person who demonstrates honesty, integrity, and professional integrity.

Criterion 3: The Person shall possess the professionalism and capability to serve as a director.

Criterion 4: The Person shall possess the character, competence, and experience which suits the needs of the board of OHB or its subsidiaries, as applicable.

Criterion 5: The Person shall be able to devote sufficient time and commitment to discharge their duties as a director.

Criterion 6: As directors, the Person shall be able to bring objectivity to the board of OHB or its subsidiaries, as applicable.

Review and Approval

This Policy will be reviewed as and when required and revised as needed.