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Oriental Holdings Berhad, a diversified Group comprising 71 subsidiaries and 12 associated companies with business activities in the countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Thailand and People's Republic of China. Oriental's business activities cover seven core segments, namely:

OHB is open to new ideas when it comes to business opportunities and has always diversified prudently and will continue to focus on businesses that generate recurring and sustainable income.

As a responsible company, OHB is committed to move the business forward with integrity, complying with laws and regulations along with company codes and policies, valuing team diversity and contributions from all. We have always believed that our business should always follow fundamental principles of good corporate governance while striking a harmonious synergy between corporate pursuits and social obligations. At OHB, we are committed to Our Community, Our Environment, Our Customers and Our People.