Oriental Holdings Berhad (5286-U)


Policy Statement

OHB is committed to maintain and achieve a high standard of corporate governance and business integrity.

Recognizing the above interest, OHB provides avenue to employees and stakeholders (shareholders, customer and suppliers) to raise concerns and take appropriate action to resolve them effectively.

The policy is applicable to all companies within OHB Group.


Objective of the Policy

The objectives of the policy are :-

  • Establishes the rules and procedures for employees and stakeholders to report/raise a genuine concern or allegation through the appropriate channel upon discovery of possible misconduct;
  • Provides the avenue to employees and stakeholders to disclose any concern or allegation in accordance with the procedures;
  • Provides protection to individual who report the concern or allegation (“the whistleblower”).


Scope of the Policy

This policy is designed to facilitate whistleblower to disclose any concern or allegation through internal channel. Such concerns including, but not limited to the following :-

  • Fraud;
  • Bribery;
  • Criminal breach of trust;
  • Conflict of interest;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Misuse of confidential information;
  • The deliberate concealment of any of the above matter or other acts of wrong doing.


Whistleblowing channel


The Channel will be directly to the Chairman of Audit Committee.

Name      : Mary Geraldine Phipps

E-mail     : whistleblower@ohb.com.my

Mail        : 1st Floor, 25B Lebuh Farquhar

                10200 Penang

Attention : Chairman of Audit Committee


Any anonymous whistleblower will not be entertained. Any whistleblower is required to disclose his identity to the Company in order for the Company to accord the necessary protection to him. However, the Company reserves its right to investigate into any anonymous disclosure.

Any report should also based on good faith with a reasonable belief that the information and any allegations in it, are sustainably true and not acting for personal gain.  



All reports will be investigated promptly by the Internal Audit Department. If required, assistance from other resources within the Group is to be sought.

Upon completion of investigation, appreciate course of action will be recommended to the Audit Committee for their deliberation. Decision taken by the Audit Committee will be implemented immediately.

Where possible, steps will also implemented to prevent similar situation arising.



Whistleblower will be accorded with protection of confidentiality of identity, to be extent reasonable practicable. In addition, an employee who whistleblows internally will also be protected against any adverse actions for disclosing any concerns or allegations within OHB, to the extent reasonably practicable, provided that the disclosure is made in good faith. Such protection is accorded even if the investigation later reveals that the whistleblower is mistaken as to the facts and the rules and procedures involved.

Any party that retaliates against whistleblower who has reported allegations in good faith may be subject to appropriate action, up to and including legal action, where applicable.


The identity of whistleblower will be kept confidential. Consent of whistleblower will be sought should there be a need to disclose identity for investigation purposes.



OHB reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time.

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