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Our sustainability statement enunciates what sustainability means to our Group with details of managing those significant 
areas of sustainability. Our mission in promoting sustainability continues to guide our business values through the integration of social, economic and environmental considerations in the way we plan, execute and monitor working environment and business processes. We are committed to be accountable and transparent in our sustainability performance.

This is our inaugural sustainability statement, prepared in reference to the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G4 Sustainability 
Reporting Guidelines.


The sustainability management is governed by the Board, which oversees the Members of Committees. The structure 
ensures efficiency and effectiveness in identifying, managing and implementing our sustainability matters.


Our sustainability statement focuses on key divisions (i.e. Automotive and Plantation) and does not include outsourced 
activities, joint ventures and suppliers for the financial year ended December 2016.


The four material sustainability matters are as follows:-

1. Corporate Governance

We believe that good governance is more than just a pursuit towards complying with all the prescripts but that it translates into better business performance and creates a more sustainable value for the Group.

2. Workplace

We strongly believe that engaged and motivated employees are directly linked to our growth and realisation of goals. We have evolved strategically in improving various approaches and investments, nurturing our pool of talent. We strongly believe in recognising our people and engaging our workforce. We have come out with different approaches to answer the needs of the employees.

3. Environment

Our stakeholders are increasingly aware of the global environmental risks and expect us to respond accordingly. Our environmental footprint is the indirect impact of our investment decisions where we operate. As we continue to grow regionally, our direct impact to the environment may also expand. Therefore, we look forward in bettering our processes and facilities to minimise the impact of our business to the environment.

4. Community

As we expand regionally, we are committed to improving the lives of communities across places where our businesses operate, particularly in developing effective and affordable solutions to the issues of financial and social exclusion. We are committed to deepening our understanding of social issues and our responsibility to the locals.

For more detailed disclosures on our sustainability efforts, please refer to our inaugural OHB Sustainability Report 2016, available on our corporate website at www.ohb.com.my.


We hope to establish better tracking points and strategies to evaluate and consider future changes that need to be addressed. 
We believe more target based approaches will be done within the coming years supported by strategic monitoring factors in ensuring that sustainability continues to be a major part of our business growth.

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